Jason Betts Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

Dr Jason Betts - Traditional Japanese Buddho Reiki
Healing with the Hands with Psychic Energy Perception

REIKI 1      Sat-Sun       16-17 FEB    9-18, both days           Best Western Launceston, 3 Earl St

REIKI 1      Sat-Sun       02-03 MAR   9-18, both days      WC Motor Inn Cessnock, 5 Darwin St

REIKI 1      Sat-Sun       23-24 MAR   9-18, both days       Best Western Hobart, 156 Bathurst St

REIKI 1      Sat-Sun       30-31 MAR   9-18, both days          Quest Ballarat,  7 Dawson St North

REIKI 1      Sat-Sun       20-21 APR    9-18, both days           Best Western Launceston, 3 Earl St

REIKI 2      Thu-Sun      02-05 MAY   TF17-21,SS9-18     Best Western Hobart,  156 Bathurst St

REIKI 2      Thu-Sun      09-12 MAY   TF17-21,SS9-18        Best Western Launceston,  3 Earl St

REIKI 2      Thu-Sun      27-30 JUNE   TF17-21,SS9-18    WC Motor Inn Cessnock, 5 Darwin St

The Usui Method of Natural Healing (Usui Shiki Ryoho) works by placing the hands on or around the body so that
the Reiki healing energy may flow. Reiki means Spiritual Lifeforce Energy, empowering the body for mental,
emotional, spiritual and physical regeneration, allowing the spirit to manifest its most perfect bodily form.

A two day class in the presence of a true Reiki Sensei is all that is required for a permanent enhanced energy flow
of the Reiki healing energy through the body and the hands. All students may review at any time at half cost.

Dr Jason Betts - Reiki
o Better health, true happiness and healthy longevity

o Mystical pathway of personal and spiritual growth

o Empowerment to heal one's self / others at any time

o Being at spiritual oneness, enjoying inner tranquility

o Profound insights into life, experiences and existence

Reiki has its origins from Buddhist scriptures and was described by the Buddha in his teachings of healing,
meditation and higher consciousness. One of his scrolls, the Buddha Healing Scroll of Avlokiteshsvara - 
the Bodhisatva of Healing and Compassion - was found by Japanese mystic Mikao Usui around a century ago.
Usui meditated upon this method of higher consciousness and rediscovered this wonderful spiritual healing method,
now called The Usui Method of Natural Healing, and taught it within its original Buddhist context, wisdom and insights.

Dr Jason Betts is a polymathic author and inventor with university degrees in science and philosophy,
has many diplomas in massage, acupuncture, metaphysical science and western mystery school wisdom.
Betts Sensei was initiated into Reiki in 1991 and has been teaching Traditional Japanese Buddho Reiki and Usui's
Enlightenment Meditation since 1997. Dr Betts has also been the organiser of the Tasmanian Psychic Expos and the
Editor/Publisher of the Tasmanian Natural Therapy Directory. He is most famous for reading the psychic energy of Reiki.


o The Traditional Japanese Reiki breathing energy meditation
o The ceremonial energy attunements of your top four chakras
o The hand treatment positions with psychic energy perception
o Four Sensations, Four Rules of Flow, Four Emotional Releases
o Dr Usui's Principles of Conduct and the Triple Gem Philosophy

Your Reiki weekend is something you will remember for the rest of your life.
It is packed with spiritual and emotional intensity and sheds the light of understanding and wisdom
on the substance of your life, revealing your own spiritual truths. The authenticity of Reiki is demonstrated by 
feeling the strength and intensity of the energy flow of the students and feeling the true sincerity of the teacher.
Reiki is a complete spiritual discipline with meditation, energy, healing, experiences and psychic energy perception.


Learning Reiki is like learning that the boat of your life does not float on the water of spirit,
but rather that your spirit flows in the limitless ocean of life. Learn Reiki today.

Sensei Jason Betts is the only Traditional Japanese Buddho Reiki Master in Tasmania. The incomplete American version
of Reiki has one chakra attunement over the crown of the head which is done four times. The way Usui Sensei taught Reiki
 a century ago was one attunement over each of the top four chakras - heart, throat, forehead and crown of the head, which is
how it is still traditionally taught today. Reiki 1 includes the Reiki breathing meditation, 'hand meditation' and contemplation.
Reiki 2 includes Usui's Enlightenment Meditation, symbol calligraphy, absent healing, higher consciousness, ghosts, past lives
and psychic powers. These meditations and the correct symbols are only found in the Traditional Japanese Buddho Reiki system.


Class Specifics:

The cost for Reiki 1 is $600 (2 days) and the cost for Reiki 2 is $1200 (4 days) per person.
Monthly direct bank deposit payments by are acceptable, $50 for Reiki 1, $100 for Reiki 2.
Wear loose comfortable clothing, water bottle, no phones, no jewellery, wedding rings okay.
A cooked vegetarian lunch is provided on both days. Herbal teas and notes are also provided.

I have been doing Reiki on myself since 1991 and teaching since 1997. It is truly an amazing thing.
Reiki has had the most effect on my life over the last twenty years and given me the most benefit, and
I can show you how to do it in just two days. The class times are from 8:45am to 5:45pm on both days.

There is also a class limit of ten people, so call me with your booking over the phone to confirm your place.
The quickest way to book your place is to just call me on the phone and make a card deposit. Please do call!
All students recieve the 4 energy transmission empowerments, an 84-page manual and certificate, in addition
to the spiritual, philosophical and psychic lessons of owning, healing and evolving one's own life and abilities.

To book in or contact Dr Jason Betts by email please send your email enquiry to: 2019@emeraldalchemy.com.
To learn Reiki with Jason or to book into a class please call him directly on  03 6249 8484  during business hours.
VIDEO: To see Dr Jason's Psychic Reiki segment from 'The One' Psychic TV show on YouTube, please click HERE.

Here is the printable A4 BROCHURE PDF of this page with the dates and details. Here is the BOOKING FORM PDF.