100 Pebbles of Zen Philosophy by Reiki Shihan Jason Betts

Classic Zen

The Universe, is.

You can see, but can you see?

The rock is a rock. The bird is a bird. The baby is a baby. The woman is a woman.

Where is the right place? And when is the right time?

The question is - Why are you present?

There is only one shape. Where are you?

There is only one world. Where are you?

There is only one people. Where are you?

There is only one universe. Where are you?

There is only one existance. Where are you?

Being is the experience of one's true self.

Stillness is allowing everything else not to be.

Perfection is the expresion of one's true self.

Perfection lies in being one's true nature, always.

Be your own nature - honesty is about being true to your self.

To observe one's self is not the Way, but to act and be one's nature.

Beingness of experiencing one's true nature allows simple and perfect expression.

Resistance may arise from problems, suffering and unwanted consequenses.

The Way is the path of least resistance and greatest beingness.

Presence is the active beingness of one's true nature, the awareness of mind, the readiness of power, and the stillness of acceptance of the Way.

The Enlightenment of Satori matters to those that don't have it.

All things may change from one thing to another.

You create your own nature. Heal your inner nature.

It is real if it blocks your way.

Sometimes you are the rock, sometimes the water, sometimes the wind, sometimes the leaf.

Pick rock, water or air - be any, or all.

Pick a colour. Pick a flower. Water the colour. Paint the flower.

Allow nature to come to you, as the elements greet you, and greet them with appreciation.

The Sun.

Existing is living - respect life.

Feeling is seeing for the inside.

Knowing is believing what you feel.

Who is a person? And when is it lost?

Where is a memory?

How do you know?

Do you need to believe?

It is a rock. And it is like water. And the air. And fire.

It is here, and there, and some other where.

It is now, and was, and will be, some when, likewise.

Everything creates everything.

Chaos is the free will of nature.

Choosing is your true nature's experession.

Personal Growth Zen

Happiness is all of you accepting all of you and all that is; unhappiness is
one part of you not accepting one part of you or one thing that is, or is not.

Desire pulls, passion pushes, fear drives, worry confuses;
gentleness soothes, openness informs, simplicity clears, beingness stills.

Idealism inspires, altruism motivates, practicality determines, need necessitates;
greed steals, power controls, indulgence corrupts, appreciation respects.

Help is the gift that lifts one beyond their capabilities.

Help yourself help yourself, and grow.

Everything is your teacher, if you let it be.

Everyone is a teacher, all the time - teach well.

Everyone and everything has it's own journey, worthy of respect.

Home is where one feels welcomed.

To find a belonging is to return home; to share a belonging, make one.

Whole is something you are, or are in.

One who chooses to walk the path gains honour.

Attraction is recognition.

Fascination is the beauty within.

It is sacred when you make it so.

Other people belong to other people.

Anger informs you of injustice.

Fear informs you of danger.

Worry informs you of anticipation.

Hate informs you of rejection.

Sadness informs you of separation.

Love reminds us of our inadequacies.

Love unto others as you would love unto your self.

Love unto your self as you would love unto others.

Gratitude is your desire fulfilled in respect.

Compassion acknowledges suffering, defining its limit.

Compassion is for those that do not understand.

Happiness is for those that do - including self.

Inspiration informs you of idealism.

Joy informs you of liberation.

Varience expands experience.

It is what it is, until it changes.

Freedom is up to you, consequence are others'.

The search for self is as difficult as you want it to be.

Here today, gone tomorrrow, happy now, forever no sorrow.

Practical Zen

Replace control with create.

Replace blame with own.

Replace pain with sensation.

Replace desire with appreciation.

Replace move with gentleness.

Replace worry with concern.

Replace push with place.

Replace rush with fast.

Conditions are only used in control.

Time is your involvement with it.

Time will tell. Does it mattter? So what?

We move. We sit. We think. We move.

It's okay. Let go. The Universe is as it is.

My experience is my appeciation of life.

Music is the sound that evokes emotion.

Love is sharing it.

I am enjoying this experience.

I am enjoying the stimulus of this suffering.

I am experiencing this experience more fully.

I am fully experiencing this moment, with all associated sensations, thoughts, feelings and awareness.

The future isn't what it used to be, and the past has never been as good.

The present moves as quickly as we think, as slowly as we sit, and as fast as we are still.

Our dreams always take ages to arrive unless we are patient enough.

Watch yourself thinking about what you are doing.

Behaviour is what others see.

You are who you are, unless you change.

Discipline is discipline for those that don't have it.

It matters not that others follow, but that one leads one's self well.

I know I woke up this morning, so I didn't die last night,
therefore I am alive, and I get to live this day.

Do if you can, and don't if you can't;
if you think you can you can, and if you don't think you can, you can't.

The world will exist without you. What will you add while here?

What new can you do today?

Office Zen

What business are you in?

Success is what you believe it to be.

Carry problems, but never your own.

Later is uncertain, only now is certain.

A moment is the beginning, the middle, or the end of a task.

Another's moment is an interruption for one not in a moment.

When each moment is it's own task, there are no interuptions.

Continuity flows for those without different tasks.

Completeness is the feeling between tasks.

How much of yesterday's work are you still doing?

Enjoy problems by embracing them quickly.

Opportunity is where you look for it.

Who is your headache?

Trust is borrowing luck. Trade in truth, not risk.

Risk is not necessary. Choose on consequenses.

Each trade is its own trade, all made clear, with no future debt.

Trading in the present collects the future value and pays the luck now.

It does not matter what your purpose is, but knowing what it is, does.

Stress is the illusion that you are doing more than one thing at a time.

Each action is it's own action - one cut, one fold, one wrap.

Confusion is a simplicity more complex than yours.