10 Steps to Beauty Inside and Out

1. Drink at least 1 litre of clear water in addition to all other fluids daily.

2. Use Protandim and TrueScience twice daily for body and skin anti-ageing.

3. Take a hot spa, sauna, cool spa and then a myofacial massage fortnightly.

4. Exercise vigorously for 30 minutes and sweat out the toxins twice weekly.

5. Use a good non-toxic beauty program daily to cleanse and nourish your skin.

6. Keep your Body Mass Index between 20 and 24, as clean liver = clean skin.

7. Do not put toxic chemicals on your skin, so always use non-toxic cosmetics.

8. Find your inner calmness and relax all of your facial muscles all of the time.

9. Always make sure to get 8 hours of sleep every night as skin heals at the end.

10. Always stay out of direct sunlight and keep your skin moist with a facial mist.