FREE MEANING OF LIFE - Philosophy by polymath Dr Jason Betts

Here is my free philosophy of the Meaning of Life - please read this free Meaning of Life,
and share it with your friends! There are many good versions, to be sure, and this is mine.
It is a mixture of western and eastern Meaning of Life philosophy and my own ideas.

If you like my free Meaning of Life, please keep reading the following 10 Step Philosophies.
They are written in the same no-nonsense to-the-point style with easy-to-do practical actions.

To gain benefit from any knowledge, such as the free Meaning of Life, it is important that you
put that knowledge into ACTION, and USE it - that is, make a physical movement based upon it.
Only then can the benefits of having this knowledge have a mechanism of coming to you. So, try it.

The FREE Meaning of Life - Part 1 : The 4 Directives

1. To find your life's purpose and achieve your destiny.
2. To cultivate and appreciate happiness within one's self.
3. To communicate that happiness and share it with others.
4. To produce, protect and teach all our collective offspring.

The FREE Meaning of Life - Part 2 : How to Find and Cultivate Happiness

1. Enjoy and participate in the simple pleasures of life.
2. Follow your moral conscience to avoid regrets and guilt.
3. Achieve and share success by creating values for self and others.
4. Search for long term pleasure and choose to avoid long term pain.
5. Fill your soul with acceptance, gratitude and compassion for others.

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